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CrossFit Quest

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  • It seems that CrossFit is that "popular" workout that most athletes are using to train in their off seasons. Check out images from one of largest CrossFit Gyms in our area! And if you feel competitive go try it out!!
  • 3/6/2013
  • Album ID: 1621584

The Ron Graham Story

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  • Ron Graham is the leader of the Visually Impaired People of Southeast TX (VIPSET), which was started in 2009! VIPSET is holding an expo at the University of Houston April 20th, from 9-1pm. The community age ranges from 19-80 and meets every third monday at Second Baptist Church in Humble.
  • 3/6/2013
  • Album ID: 1621575

Brown's Golf World

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  • On a beautiful sunny day Atascocita resident Jim Baron, an avid golfer practices his game at Brown's Golf World!
  • 3/5/2013
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Hilton C. Schott Park

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  • People enjoy a beautiful day at Hilton C. Schott Park, in Humble!
  • 3/5/2013
  • Album ID: 1620975

Cleveland Air Race 2011

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  • Members of the Sport Air Racing League descended on the Cleveland Municipal Airport on Saturday, Oct. 15 for the first air race ever held in Liberty County.
  • 10/15/2011
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Mexico's National Bird found living in San Jacinto County

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  • This Crested Caracara, the national bird of Mexico, was found in a neighborhood off of Campbell Acres in San Jacinto County on Monday, July 18. The bird was thought to be injured because it was staying near the ground. Wildlife Rehabilitator Bill Heyde with the Texas Parks & Wildife Dept. found it to be healthy, although far from home. This type of falcon's natural habitat is some 100 miles south of the area.
  • 7/20/2011
  • Album ID: 1358441
  • Photos by Jason Fochtman
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